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Inge is an avid traveler and will lecture to groups of all ages - Anywhere!
Her lectures cover the following topics:

  1. The Holocaust through the eyes of a child survivor.
    Presentations with or without visual aides.

  2. Beating all odds - overcoming prejudice, a deadly illness and rejection.

  3. We are all God's children - celebrating diversity and tolerance for other ethnic and racial groups.

  4. Finding Dr. Schatz - The Discovery of Streptomycin and A Life It Saved. Presentation with visual aids.

Contact Inge for additional information or to schedule a lecture.

Below are pictures of some of Inge's previous engagements:


Our Lady of Guadalupe School. Brooklyn, NY.  

Central High School. Little Rock, AK.


Wildwood High School. Wildwood, NJ.


First Inge Auerbacher Prize Ceremony at school in Kippenheim, Germany 2001.


Weare High School. Weare, NH.


Inge with students at Oberweier School in Germany


Inge with students of PS 65. Brooklyn, NY.


Suffolk Community College. Seldon, NY.




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