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What People Say

Inge and Elie Wiesel“…Ms Auerbacher has reached out to share her experiences, as well as to teach the lessons of intolerance to many young people.”
Elie Wiesel,
Nobel Prize Winner

“You are truly an incredible person: You live up to the finest teachings of our faith…Rather than seeking revenge for the evils that you have seen and endured, you have chosen to light the proverbial candle in the darkness. Your entire life, Inge, is an illumination. Everything that you have done, everything you have written gives testimony to the power of the human spirit to rise above the vicious and live on the level of love, compassion and human decency…I am proud to call you my friend.”
Dr. Hirsch Joseph Simkes, (Ret.)
Rabbi of the Hollis Hills Jewish Center, NY.

Inge with Johannes Rau, Former President of Germany.“…Your books arrived safely here, and I recommended them already to many. Perhaps, we will see each other again when you visit Germany and you are in Berlin. Best regards and Shalom.” (translation.)
Johannes Rau,
President of Germany

"Miss Auerbacher is a warm friend of the Cornerstone Baptist Church and has shared many of her experiences with our parishioners. She has been gifted with the art of writing and afforded the unique opportunity to make a significant contribution to the moral and ethical fabric of humankind."
Dr. Harry S. Wright, Senior Pastor, Ret.
Cornerstone Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY.

"... Miss Auerbacher's contribution to the Holocaust and education is among the most important ones in the United States."
Yaffa Eliach, Prof. of History and Literature, (Emerita)
Brooklyn College, NY.


"...For many years I have known Ms Auerbacher who has in her entire lifetime devoted her energies to making this a better world."
Sister Rose Thering, O.P., PhD., Professor Emerita
Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ.

"...You were a delight to have as a guest and everyone enjoyed meeting you. Your reading touched the customers so much..."
Elaine Stundell, Former Community Relations Coordinator,
Barnes & Noble, Forest Hills, NY.


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